Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rimview Trail

The Rimview Trail is a trail that circles Page and extends out to the lake- it's about 8 mi long and so gorgeous and peaceful. Here's a few pics!

Adelaide (2 1/2) and Emery (9 mos.)

Here are some fun pics of our girls- gotta catch the sweet, peaceful moments when they happen because they are rare and fleeting! :)

They are our daily bit of sunshine and bring us so much joy!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Good Times at Lake Powell

We are lovin the life at Lake Powell! These are some pictures from a day we went on a hike that led down to the lake where we found our own little beach with an island you can walk out to with water deep enough on the opposite side to cliff-dive into! That day we weren't planning on going all the way to the lake, so none of us had swimsuits- the babies just bare-bummed it and had a blast!

Another weekend we took the girls down to Antelope Point Marina and found they have some fun fountains to play in! Emery didn't seem to care one bit that she was walking right over the fountains and was getting splashed right in the face- she seemed to prefer it! She was steering and would walk right over them!

After the fountains, we took a swim!

On Labor Day, we went in with a few other couples on renting a couple of Sea Doos for the first time- we had such a blast! Kris had to test the limits of the jet ski and almost had me flying off the back a few times...ironically, the only times we fell off were when we were only going 2 mi/hr-go figure.

The Lotze's, Costello's, Blasdell's, and Kyle

Monday, September 5, 2011

Camping 09/2011

This weekend (09/03/2011), we went camping with the Lotze's and Waline's in the Kaibab National Forest- it was a blast!! We set up our own campground, made our own firepit, and went "all natural."

Emery was having the time of her life, eating dirt and rocks and such. It was the first time she had worn real shoes though, so she was a little out of her element with walking and couldn't lift her legs up quite high enough to take a step, lol.

Addie got to have her first sleep-over with her friend Kyleigh!

On our way to the Grand Canyon, we saw a heard of buffalo crossing the road! Luckily they didn't decide to hang out for hours on the road like they do at Yellowstone!

Good times!!


To anyone who is interested or who has lost interest due to years passing by without a new posting, I am finally making a true attempt at getting back into blogging and keeping our site up-to-date!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Addie's First Christmas

We're on the fast track through Addie's firsts, but here is Addie with her favorite Christmas gift, as well as a few other fun pictures of her at about 10-11 months

Halloween 2009

For Jake's first Halloween, he was Darth Vader (2008)

The next year, Addie was a bumble bee :)